What Actors Are Saying About Tom Kibbe

"He connects you with your creative impulse which allows the emotion to be organic"

""I travelled from Pitsburgh, US to Cork, Ireland - it was so good I'm going to do it again.""

"I got to final round auditions for four schools, I was accepted into two and I've accepted my place at Guildford school of acting"

"I finally can deliver the type of performances that I have been previously really struggling to get to."

Tom Kibbe is an inspired teacher, generous, perceptive, dedicated and knowledgeable.

Rosie O'Regan

Tom is a genius. He knows exactly where to take you physically and mentally in order to find your very own unique truth in a performance.
Judy Donovan

He has an uncanny ability to bring out the very best in each actor he encounters.
Eadaoin O'Donoghue

"Working with Tom Kibbe has been the greatest creative influence on my life to date."

"I found out yesterday I got into RADA, it was beyond my wildest dreams - I can't thank Tom Kibbe enough."

Tom allows you to identify your own process and own it not through some didactic form of teaching but through a series of precise prompts that begin to cue the performance out of you and realise your potential.
Mark D'Aughton

His techniques and exercises release something in the actor, so that what comes out is truthful and spontaneous, moments that no amount of script analysis could find.
Claire J. Loy

Tom's classes have given me a completely new way of preparing for roles; a way that allows me to reach greater emotional depth and to be more truthful.
Frank Prendergast

"He will free up your creativity, your spontaneity, he'll get you to access your subconscious in a creative way."
"I found Tom's classes to be so beneficial - I can't recommend working with Tom enough."
He gets under all the layers you thought you had to find something even deeper and then some. He takes great care and has huge respect for actors and the craft.
George Hanover

Brilliant! Genius acting coach. Highly, highly recommended!

Jon Whitty

Tom Kibbe is quite simply the best Acting teacher/coach I have ever had. The work I have done with him has been career changing.
Pauline O'Driscoll

"Working over Zoom with Tom, there was honestly no difference to being there in person."

"One exercise changed my life, my perception of the world, my perception of myself, and my perception of what acting is."

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Techniques of Modern Realist Acting, a 12 week programme which covers Tom's core teachings

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