Communication Skills Training for the Corporate Environment

No matter your profession, Tom can help you learn how to exude confidence and clearly express your meaning as you communicate in a professional environment.

Feel confident and comfortable standing in front of a crowd or a camera
Present the best possible version of yourself to get the audience on your side
Learn to use your voice to deliver a clear, cohesive, and compelling message

Communication Skills Training for:

  • Business and Corporate Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Sales Professionals

Good communication isn’t just for actors

It’s a terrible feeling—you’re five minutes into your presentation for an important meeting, and you can tell you’ve lost the room. Everyone’s eyes are on you, but you see from their fidgeting and glazed expressions, no one is listening to you.

How do you refocus their attention on you? Better yet, how do you command their attention from the start and hold it until you’ve finished speaking?

Tom has worked with professionals from a variety of backgrounds to master these essential skills of communication.

He teaches techniques you can learn that will help you relax and concentrate so you can communicate in a clear, precise, and compelling way.

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Whether you’re in front of a jury, a group of students, or a room of corporate board members, you’ll acquire the skills to confidently present yourself as you make a connection with your audience and effectively deliver your message.  

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Any professional can benefit from communication skills training


Tom has helped medical IT executives to clearly explain their programs to groups of all sizes. He’s helped estate agents improve their ability to speak and sell to clients.

Tom has guided film producers to become better at pitching projects to studios and networks.

He’s trained lawyers and barristers to connect with their audience—be it jury, judge, or through a television interview—so their argument resonates with the people listening.

If your job requires you to convince people to act upon the words you have to say, Tom can help you learn how to confidently deliver those words in a memorable, compelling way.

Pricing is dependant on your requirements. Minimum engagement for an individual is two 90 minute sessions at €800+VAT. 

Group options are also available.

Please arrange a 15 minute free consultation to chat about what you need and to finalise pricing.

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