“It’s allowed me to go to much deeper places”

You love acting. But you worry that you’re not quite at the level you should be.

You know you’re good. But you don’t seem to be landing the roles you want.

You watch certain performances and wonder how they got to that deep, instinctive level of absolute truth.

What you need is a process of working that allows you to go deeper, and to free up your creative imagination so that you are fully spontaneous and in-the-moment.

The 1 minute video above gives you an idea of the transformative impact Tom Kibbe’s work has on an actor.

Tom Kibbe’s “Techniques of Modern Realist Acting” is the key to the performances you’ve been wanting to unlock.

You can watch the full video testimonials on the programme page.

So if you want to…

  • be more confident in your ability
  • go to much deeper places in the work
  • free up your creativity and spontaneity

Book a 15 minute chat with Tom – no strings attached, just have a chat to discover if his programme is a good fit for you.

If you have any questions, or you can’t find a time that suits, you can also send us an email.