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About Tom Kibbe

Tom Kibbe trained directly with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse and in his private professional classes. He also studied with Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler in their advanced classes before going on to have a long and distinguished career in all aspects of the industry in LA, NYC, London and Dublin.

He has worked as an Actor, Director, Producer, Casting Director and was also Artistic Director of the Court Theatre in L.A for over 20 years.

Tom has devoted his professional life to creating his Modern Realism acting technique which builds on the work of the masters that went before him and taking it to a whole new level, devising exercises and techniques that allow the actor to access previously unmined depths of truth and emotion for the demands of contemporary media.

He is a masterful, gifted and generous director, acting teacher and coach. Having received an MA in Theatre Education from NYU, Tom has since been further researching acting techniques and processes and how they help the artist reach the deepest and most specific levels of the creative subconscious to create the most expressive and pure performances possible.

As a casting director, Tom worked with producer/actor Michael Douglas and cast Ed Harris in his first film, Borderline. He would later recommend Mr Harris for the lead role of Knightriders while working with horror/thriller director George A. Romero. Tom also cast the film Creepshow for Mr Romero. Tom worked as casting director for a variety of films directed by Curtis Hanson, and he cast a lead for English director Tony Richardson.

Tom was artistic director of The Court Theatre in Los Angeles for over twenty years where he worked with several notable directors and actors including John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, and Carol Kane.

Tom co-produced Kenneth Branagh’s Public Enemy with the Irish Arts Center at the Court Theatre in LA and at Andrew’s Lane Theatre in Dublin. Tom also co-produced Mindgame at The Ambassadors Theatre in London.

Tom has directed several plays in Ireland in venues including the Mill Theatre, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and Cork Arts Theatre.

Listen to Tom tell the full story of how he came to train with Meisner, Strasberg, and Adler on the MySite.Actor podcast.

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